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XT FUNCTIONSThese are ready made functions that you can use on your siteThe code in these boxes can be entered as a code block to produce the function
FILE LISTCreate a list of links to the files in the current folder.
The best way to use this is to create a page named index in the folder to be listed and place the function on that page, then put a link to the page on your main index page.

<xt:filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="asc"/>LOCAL FILE INCLUDEThe most powerful of the XT functions.
Add the contents of another file or page at this point on the page.
Use this to add text files or text files containing scripts or html code or the html content of a html page. (head and container code is stripped before include)
A good use is to set up a page with your logo and common links then include the page at the top of your other pages, do the same for the bottom of your pages .

This is a included file
It can contain almost anything

<xt:include file="/FOLDER/FILE"/>COUNTERAdd various counters to your page.
Daily 9
Weekly 39
Monthly 190
Total 506
<xt:counter type="VALUE"/>VALUE= 1(daily) - 4(total)
In xhtml code you can also set the timezone so the type 1 2 and 3 counters will reset at your local midnight
<xt:counter type="VALUE" tzone="TIMEZONE" />TIMEZONE=difference in hours from GMT (you can also set for 30 minute time zonesONLINEHow many visitors on the page now.2
<xt:online />
TIME AND DATEAdd the time and date to your site.
2011-05-20 02:23
So much more can be done with the "Time and date function" using html code that it needs a page to its self.
Time and date
IP ADDRESSShow the visitors ip address or that of their host.
<xt:ipaddress type="VALUE"/>VALUE="1" ip , "2" host
COUNTRYShow the name or flag of the visitors country.
<xt:country type="VALUE"/>VALUE="1" text "2" flag
BROWSERShow details of the visitors browser or the icon for their browser.

<xt:browser detail="VALUE"/>VALUE="1" low , "2" medium , "3" high , "4" icon
RSS READERInclude the contents of a rss feed at this point on the page.
Another powerful function but a little knowledge of html and xml (rss) is required to set the template
Netanyahu rejects Obama 1967 view
PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel's 1967 borders are "indefensible", rejecting US President Obama's suggestion they form the basis of a future Palestinian state.

Settings for this example
RSS Feed:
Number of items to fetch :
<a href=".link.">.title.</a><br />.description.
xhtml code tag (this example)
The template MUST have the reserved characters converted to NAMED html entities

<xt:feed feed="" number="1" template="&lt;a href=&quot;.link.&quot;&gt;.title.&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br /&gt;.description."/>
Add an advertisment at this point in the page.(set up earnings options first)
For information on placing your own ads on your Xtgem site seeThis page
BLOGThis function now has it's own page
blog function page

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