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Dahl-My Uncle Oswald.txt
Dahl-Revolting Rhymes.txt
Dahl-The Collected Short Stories-Volume 01.txt
Dahl-The Collected Short Stories Volume 02.txt
Dahl-The Twits.txt
Dahl-The Witches.txt
Dante-The Devine Comedy.txt
Darwin-Descent of Man.txt
Darwin-Origin of the Species.txt
Darwin-The Origin of Species.txt
Defoe-Robinson Crusoe.txt
Descartes-A Discourse on Method.txt
Dick-Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.txt
Dick-We Can Remember it For You Wholesale.txt
Dickens-A Christmas Carol.txt
Dickens-A Tale of Two Cities.txt
Dickens-David Copperfield.txt
Dickens-Great Expectations.txt
Dickens-Oliver Twist.txt
Dostoevsky-Crime and Punishment.txt
Dostoevsky-Notes from the Underground.txt
Dostoevsky-The Idiot.txt
Einstein-The World As I See It.txt
Ellison-Love Aint Nothing But Sex Misspelled.txt
Ende-The Neverending Story.txt
Feist-Faerie Tale.txt
Fitzgerald-The Great Gatsby.txt
Forster-Room With A View.txt
Frank-Tales From The Secret Annex.txt
Frank-The Diary Of A Young Girl.txt
Frost-A Boys Will.txt
Frost-North Of Boston.txt
Gaiman-American Gods.txt
Gaiman-Anansi Boys.txt
Gaiman-Fragile Things.txt
Gaiman-I Cthulhu.txt
Gaiman-M is for Magic.txt
Garner-Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.txt

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